So you’ve gotten registered in Dash, you downloaded the app, now what?! Well one of the most convent features Dash offers is the capability to make your team fee payments online. You can pay easily through the app or the website. So say goodbye to waiting in line to pay in the office and just handle it at your convince.

How to Pay
So here are nine easy steps on how to pay through your Dash account:

  1. On the home screen of your dash profile you will see the active teams that you are currently on/managing. 
  2. Under each team there is a Team Owes section that is under “Next Game” and above “Paid.”
  3. In the Team Owes section you will click the “Make Team Payment” button that is highlighted in blue lettering.
  4. From there you will enter the amount that you are going to pay for your team under “Payment amount” and then click “add to cart.”
  5. You will then be brought back to the homepage of your profile, but with a shopping cart at the top of the page. Make sure the payment amount is correct and then click “Checkout” at the bottom left of the shopping cart.
  6. You will now have the ability to input your credit card information and then hit the blue “Process Payment” button. 
  7. You can save your card information under your profile for faster payments in the future if you would like.
  8. To reverse this process at any point before the payment is processed, simply click the “x” on the top right of the shopping cart. You will be brought back to the home screen and you can start over.
  9. If you have any issues or questions stop by the league office when you get to the park!

We hope this has helped you! And if you are having issues getting into Dash use this article to create your account: What is Dash?