Silverbacks Indoor Field Rental

Single Hour Rates | Monday – Sunday

North/South Red Turf Field (5v5) |  $200/hour

North/South BLACK Turf Field (5v5) |  $200/hour

Green Turf Field (5v5) | $200/hour

Basketball Court (5v5) | $200/hour

Futsal Court (5v5) | $200/hour

Field (4v4) | $120/hour

Rental Rules:

•   Rental times are based on availability; league games will always take precedence over rental space.

•   All rentals are for your scheduled time. No additional time will be given for warmups.

•   All payments for rental time are due upon booking your rental.

•  Rentals will starts on or as soon as renters take the field.

•   If you have reserved a spot for rental, but do not show up, you are subject to a 50% fee of the cost of the       rental.

•   Any fighting, public disruption or destruction of facility property will result in the loss of future rentals.

Director of Facility Operations and Events   

- Marlo Vinson

(678) 714-7454 x501                                          ✉

Rental Manager

-Jarred Gwin

(678) 714-7454 x503                                         ✉

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